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Multiple Suspects Rob San Ramon Jeweler Friday

Screenshot from video taken of robbery, showing four suspects and getaway car.

Details are conflicting at this moment but it appears a sizable crew of armed robbers struck the Heller’s Jewelers store, 6000 Bollinger Canyon Road, in San Ramon Friday.

The blitz-style theft was reported at approximately 2:40 pm. It was believed a “substantial” number of watches and pieces of jewelry were taken with the dollar estimate of the loss also described as substantial.

San Ramon police are apparently busy tracking witness accounts of at least two cars believed used in the crime – one a white Jeep Cherokee and the second an orange Dodge Charger. Investigators are also checking witness accounts that additional cars were standing by as the theft occurred.

Accounts that arrests have been made and that at least two of the cars used in the robbery were tracked and impounded could not be immediately confirmed.

Witnesses are reporting that there were four robbers to each of the primary cars used in the theft and that they were last seen heading toward the freeway. There was no initial description of the types of weapons seen or if the crew used hammers to smash their way into the store’s display cases, as has happened in previous thefts.

There are initial reports that at least some of the crew, described only as masked and hooded black males, were armed. There are no initial reports of injuries incurred at the scene.


  1. I love City Center Bishop Ranch,
    this is a bummer. I’m very surprised. Bishop Ranch City Center is fabulous. Hope they catch them!

  2. I’m surprised they were robbed because as a customer they made us feel like we were going to rob them we were just coming to pick up a service item. We want go back there!

    • No “official” updates, Natasha. Our understanding is that law enforcement had a relatively quick line on the people responsible, tracking at least one if not both cars used to Oakland. Believe some search warrants were executed and arrests have been made but we’ve had no formal update on the status of the case…

  3. Hey tech startups, we need a fleet of fast response drones that can apprehend people like this. People who do this should not be able to get away, with all the advanced technology in existence.

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