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Lafayette/Walnut Creek PD Close In On Four Suspects Who Bolted From Stolen Car

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Police from Lafayette and Walnut Creek worked through rain and muddy fields to corral four men and women who ran from a stolen car they abandoned after a short police pursuit Sunday.

An officer followed the car to Woodborough Road in Lafayette where the occupants bailed out and fled into the nearby hills. Police from both cities deployed a drone and pushed toward the crest of the hill where the four were believed to have taken cover.

Initial descriptions were slim, black males and females in hoodies and possibly carrying other clothes. It could not be immediately determined if the four were connected to a theft at the Danville Walgreen’s store earlier in the day.

The pursuit was initiated at 6:30 p.m. with the four still outstanding – though giving indications they intended to surrender – as this was written at 7:28 p.m.


  1. What do you want to bet ….99% that all of these people have outstanding warrants and or are out on parole! This is getting ridiculous! Some people belong in jail! Why should the innocent public be continual victims of these losers!…. and trending as it is, many of you reading this will probably be a victim this year!

    • Is there any way to track the number of repeat offender cases we’re seeing? Any law enforcement officers out there who would know?

    • We were aware one woman gave up, Jim. Two others were last seen (we think) making their way down the hill toward Quandt but then we moved off to cover a double shooting.

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