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Several Cars, County Connection Bus Crash In Walnut Creek – Injuries Reported


Several people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash at Ygnacio Valley Road and Oakland Boulevard Thursday afternoon, with emergency workers evaluating riders aboard a County Connection bus tangled in the wreckage.

At least four cars and the bus were believed involved, the crash and possibly other resultant crashes effectively closing the freeway offramp.

“(It was the) Most terrifying sound I’ve heard in my life,” one reader wrote. “I saw a car appear to fly through the air from my apartment window facing Oakland. One car is almost entirely smashed except driver seat.”

Five people were transported to the hospital one in critical condition, one moderate and three minor injuries. Firefighters assessed ten people on the bus.

Initial indications were that the crashes occurred after one vehicle exited the freeway at speeds judged too fast for conditions.

The crash was first reported at approximately 3:58 p.m.


  1. I didnt know cars could do that. There were 2 behind the city bus, both heavily damaged. I think the jeep hit one or both of them and went airborne up and over the city bus, rolling multiple times before coming to rest in the intersection. Praying for everyone but those in the jeep especially. People need to slow down.

  2. Caught in this traffic on my way to Oakland. Came back in an hour it was clear — they were towing the Jeep away with pjolice cars around

  3. Downtown was a mess. Came here to find out what was going on and now I know why. So sorry for those hurt in this.

  4. Wow… that jeep ended up in the intersection on Ygnacio, while its front end was stuck into the back side top of a black Taurus which was behind the bus, still on the off ramp. That jeep must have been flying, literally and figuratively.

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