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Shots Fired After Pleasant Hill Phone Store Robbery Saturday


A man and woman who robbed a phone store on Contra Costa Boulevard in Pleasant Hill were fired on by a police officer after they allegedly drove the getaway car in his direction.

It was not immediately known if either suspect was hit but the male half was arrested and their getaway car pocked by the officer’s gunfire after the car veered toward him in the area of Market Street and Concord Avenue.

The incident was reported at approximately 3:25 pm at the Verizon store in the 600 block of Contra Costa Boulevard. Adjacent jurisdictions joined in the search for the suspect vehicle and it was spotted minutes after the robbery. A Pleasant Hill officer fired an unknown number of shots at the car when the driver steered it toward the lawman. The officer was not believed injured.

It was initially believed the female suspect got out of the car in Concord with officers setting up a perimeter around the Premier Inns, while her male companion sped on to Pittsburg – eventually stopping in front of a Safeway store parking lot at Bailey Road and West Leland.

Officers closed in on the car and took the male suspect into custody but the woman was still at large as this was written at 5:14 p.m.

Reports that a weapon was located and recovered could not be immediately confirmed.


  1. Any idea how many shots were fired total? I see two bullet holes in the car… but I’ve yet to see an account of how many bullets were flying around. And the robbers didn’t shoot right?

  2. The 2 visible bullet holes surround the center of the driver side of the car. The car is not capable of driving sideways to attack. It’s going to be an interesting police report.

    Clearly the officer did nothing wrong because what we know immediately is that she or he is a police officer. Also, no one was injured by the gunfire this time, I guess. It’s going to be interesting body camera video.

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