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Lafayette Family Hit Hard By Back Slider Burglars

Reader Submission

Veteran readers are aware (hopefully) of the burglary crews currently at work in the 24/680.

Practiced, and very slippery, these crews strike at all hours and are entering homes through rear sliding glass doors. Another local family, living in the 3000 block of Plymouth Road in Lafayette, was victimized this week.

“Unfortunately our home on Plymouth Road near Acalanes HS was broken into about 1 to 2pm on Wed,” they wrote. “They broke through the rear sliding glass door and stole several thousands dollars worth of electronics, cameras, and cash from my son’s piggy bank…”

The residents requested that anyone who may have noted anything amiss on that day and time to check their surveillance system and contact Lafayette police.

“I filed a police report with Lafayette PD and they said there has been an uptick in these crimes,” the father of the house wrote. “My neighbor down the street had his catalytic converter stolen from his driveway a few weeks ago…”

Yes. Both crimes are unfortunately common occurrences these days. If anyone can help this family, be sure to reach out.


  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. These break-ins are very disturbing. We just ordered a Ring doorbell for our backyard. We have several flood lights also. Be safe.

  2. Hadn’t seen any car chases in a few days? Are they on vacation?

    Also was curious if there was anything going on in OOOOOO rinda, I read about a copper car and graffiti on nextdoor. Wondering if you got any info

    • These guys are highly mobile with access to several cars. They were hitting here on successive nights. Our OPINION is that they may have moved off to strike elsewhere after our area became to “hot” for them. But they’ll be back – we have stuff they want.

      We have a picture of the OPD vehicle you mention, left in the BevMo parking lot – we believe as a hopeful deterrent against thieves/traffic scofflaws. It did appear to be tagged though we weren’t able to discern by whom.


      • I read on the nextdoor a gentleman says a transient dude hangs out around that area in Orinda and begs for money and then uses it to finance spray painting the parking garage etc. Apparently they can’t really bust him so he’s a repeat offender. Just what I read about the whole thing so not facts, and my understanding is there was no real evidence he was responsible for this particular incident. Apparently he’s well known to the police. Was the tagging readable?

        I completely agree. Lamorinda using them as a deterrent is a really great idea and I’ve felt safer since they started 4~ years ago or so. They do a pretty darned good job here round these parts. I’m just curious if it was some type of gang tag, protestors, or wild teens looking for a thrill who did the tagging.

        Not that it would make it much better but I hope the residents weren’t home to experience any trauma from the burglarly. Sigh, keeps on going and going. I hope they at least have a suspect vehicle or something to investigate.

        • YHHH –
          We’ve got some pretty active burglary crews working at present so graffiti, which we dislike intensely, falls pretty far down the ranking of local offenses. Used to get into pitched battles with taggers, g-bangers tagging in the City.

          Photo sent to us wasn’t the best composition so we didn’t use it. Couldn’t tell if anything else was tagged or just the black and white. Looked like an SUV and it’s an old tactic to leave a spare car from the fleet outside a school or other area to – hopefully – make speeders slow down.

          Don’t believe the Lafayette burglary was “hot,” that is, that anyone was home when it happened. Dad understandably upset they’d take his child’s piggy bank money and that is pretty low…


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