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Walnut Creek Assisted Living Facility Worker Charged In Death of Resident

Caregiver busted after meth use in client's residence.
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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, Calif. – An assisted living worker at Atria Walnut Creek has been charged with a felony complaint in the death of a 94-year-old resident on August 31, 2022. Fifty-four-year-old Lateshia Sherise Starling of San Pablo faces one count of elder or dependent adult abuse, resulting in the death of Constantine Albert Canoun [PC368(b)(1)].

The complaint against Ms. Starling states while having care and custody of Mr. Canoun, she “willfully caused and permitted him to be placed in a situation in which his health was endangered and knew and reasonably should have known that (Mr. Canoun) was an elder and dependent adult.”

Mr. Canoun resided in the Memory Care Unit at Atria Walnut Creek and suffered from dementia. On the night of August 23rd, Mr. Canoun was rushed to John Muir Medical Center after ingesting all-purpose cleaning solution in a nearby kitchen area. He died on August 31st from injuries to his stomach, esophagus, and part of his throat.

Following an investigation by the Walnut Creek Police Department, the incident was referred to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office on January 24th. After reviewing the referral, charges were filed with Superior Court of California, Contra Costa County.

Ms. Starling will be arraigned on January 30th at 1:30 pm in Martinez. She is currently in the Martinez Detention Facility with a bail amount set at $100,000.


  1. This happened to the husband of a friend at their home, she lost track of him for a few minutes, he somehow decided to drink PineSol, was a terrible tragedy. Dementia takes a toll on all those around them, even trying to give the best of care. Be kind.

  2. This is really sad…and yes, the facility absolutely has a responsibility to take care of these people, that’s why they are there, especially the memory care patients.

    My mom was in a similar place locally until she passed away in July. A few weeks prior it was her 95th birthday, so I went to see her and took flowers, card, and a big balloon. They almost didn’t let me bring the flowers to her. I got pretty upset and said why not? Answer, because the patients sometimes try to eat the flowers. Dementia is a hell of a thing.

        • These patients go from being sane and capable to off in their own world..but this guy sounded like he just wanted to end his hospital stay..these places are miserable places…he had a moment of clarity and did what he intended to do. Keeping ppl alive who don’t want to be alive is very difficult. So the family of this old man…of whom never visited him…gets a windfall of MONEY! The nurses who are 10 patients understaffed get prison. I was a nurse for years. Why is there a nursing shortage? Gee..I don’t know..maybe these nurses who are NOT PERFECT people don’t want to end up in prison for 10 years! There needs to be a compassionate law where it’s not manslaughter & not a felony! But as long as millions are involved it will stay a PUNATIVE CHARGE!

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