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A Blast From Our Past – Courtesy Of 680/24 Corridor History Group


Friends with shared origins lead to long-lasting relationships and we are lucky enough to enjoy one with the folks at 680/24 Corridor History Group and, yes, we’re aware of the similarity in our names. It was discussed.

They like many of the things we enjoy and two of those things is history in general and local history in particular. If you’re not familiar with them drop by for fun, deep-diving discussions about local landmarks and the characters who populated them.

Here, they discovered the scribblings of one of our editors and put their own brand on the story, one you may find interesting.  They tell the tale well and throw in some memories of their own, one of which made us catch our breath a little – as good stories often do. Plug it in and give it a ride.

We’d wager few if any of our current crop of readers are aware of this one.


  1. Thanks for that. People don’t often realize just how hot the times were, the 60s, the 70s. Political assassinations. Race riots. Failed invasion of Cuba. Nuclear standoff with the Soviets. Protests against a barbaric war in Indochina. Students in Ohio shot and killed by our national guard.

    • Of course. Thanks for writing. Yes. Part of the downside of being old(er) is that you tend to remember those times quite well…


  2. I remember it well. I drove high school kids home each afternoon and turned my Gilig bus around at the store. It was always a peaceful drive. I wasn’t driving when this happened as I had my second son in 1968.

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