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Pleasant Hill’s Rooted Coffee Raided; Safe Taken By Intruder


It might be thought that the 24/680’s venerated coffee stops would enjoy protected status when it came to contact with the local criminal element, but it appears they are as vulnerable to intrusion as the rest of us.

Pleasant Hill’s Rooted Coffee found this out the hard way recently when the pictured suspect entered the business, making off with a small safe and some other smaller items.

The business’s video surveillance system documented the intrusion and Pleasant Hill police released a screenshot of the burglar. If you recognized him, you might give them a call at 925-288-4600.

Investigators are withholding some information in order to preserve the integrity of their investigation.


  1. He kind of looks like a guy that was posted on Nextdoor who has been robbing mailboxes and cars in Lafayette.

  2. When asking the public to help identify someone in a photo’ …a full size photo from police would be beneficial to find the suspect rather than a small screenshot photo.

  3. I’ve been a customer of Rooted since it opened, and they have tried so hard to create a unique, local experience, a contrast to corporate coffee chains. Hope they had insurance and can rebound quickly.

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