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CHP Investigators Say Damond Lazenby Hit, Killed By Passing Car

Damond Lazenby, Jr.

Damond Lazenby, reported missing January 1 after a late night call to family members, was ultimately found dead by family members near the shoulder of eastbound Highway 4 between Port Chicago Highway and Willow Pass Road on January 7.

On Monday, CHP investigators said they believe Lazenby, 19, of Pittsburg, was struck by the right front portion of a passing vehicle near where his disabled Volkswagen was found along the highway, with the driver of that vehicle fleeing the scene. The vehicle is possibly a dark color sedan, according to the Highway Patrol.

Police said they searched the area where Lazenby was eventually located by his family, and his family had also looked for him there.


  1. Before his body was found, his dad was saying he thought he was “placed” there because the family and LE had looked there and didn’t see him. He was also wearing different clothes that weren’t wet during a week of storms. Whatever happened, it’s odd.

  2. Has anyone explained how an “extensive” police search and a second search by the family failed to locate this boy? From all accounts he was located not far from where his car was found — was he found in underbrush or otherwise obscured??? I can see him having car trouble and being struck by a passing car on a busy and fast freeway but it’s hard to understand how they could miss seeing him out there until the family came through a second time?

  3. He was murdered. Plain n simple. I know the family and I know that they had searched that area with drones, search dogs, as well walked every bit of that area for 3 days. He was not there

  4. I’m terribly sorry to hear this outcome. My heart goes out to the family. This was a little boy just starting out. I’m so sorry.

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