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Family Of Missing Pittsburg Youth Find Him Alongside Highway 4 In Concord Saturday


The family of a missing Pittsburg man found his body alongside Highway 4 Saturday.

The body of Damond Lazenby Jr., 19, was found in an area that had been searched by police and volunteers earlier in the week, according to Concord police. In a release issued through their Facebook page investigators said they do not have a conclusive cause of death.

Lazenby was reported missing by his family on Jan. 1, 2023. His green Volkswagen was found abandoned near the overpass on Port Chicago Highway early that morning – its headlights on and engine running, a front tire flattened. Some of Lazenby’s clothes were found near the car.

Police organized a multi-jurisdictional search for Lazenby which included drones, foot patrols, all-terrain vehicles, search and rescue canines, volunteers, the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department’s Search and Rescue Team, and resources from the California Office of Emergency Services, but no trace of the missing man was found.

Friends of the family announced they had found Lazenby during a private search early Saturday afternoon, prompting a significant police response and impacting traffic for hours as police recovered the body and processed the scene.


    • And apparently the family searched the area where he was found previously. There are some questions being raised about when Damond’s body was left where he was found. there may be more on this in the next few days.

      • I agree. Definitely seems like foul play. If the county used multiple resources in search of the young man and was not able to locate him, then all of a sudden came up.
        Sad note, there were a group of concerned individuals handing out flyers about his disappearance just today. I look it up and then this.

  1. turned around at Port Chi and went back home. tried to get to Bay Point but it was jammed. didn’t see this earlier.

  2. Odd that they couldn’t find him and an absolute shame that the family had to do it. That couldn’t have been easy.

  3. He had a flat tire, and it’s hard to say what happened afterwards. His dad was on the news saying he thinks his body was dumped. Sad.

  4. My daughter had a flat tire not even 100 feet from there at around 4am, came back to change it around 10ish watching the police and wondering wth was going on… 1 would think that someone from the police department would have contacted us seeing as how the car was tagged not even a stones throw away. Bless ur soul baby and my deepest sympathy to the poor family

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