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Thieves Use Rock To Smash Danville Bank Customer’s Car Window; Take Computer, Purse, Cash

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An unnerving string of robberies at Bay Area banking locations resumed Tuesday after a brazen assault on a driver at the Wells Fargo branch in Danville.

Thieves, described preliminarily as two black males and a black female in their early 20s, targeted a car at 3402 Camino Tassajara and apparently smashed the car window with a rock as the owner sat inside. A purse, laptop and money were taken though the driver was not believed to be injured.

The incident was reported at 4:20 p.m., the female suspect at the wheel of a newer model white Chevy Blazer with paper plates that was last seen heading toward Dublin.


  1. Anyone else notice these property crimes are getting more brazen and aggressive? It sure feels like our laws and/or law enforcement policies have failed us, the bad guys have the upper hand cuz they know they can get away with it.

  2. Not only are they getting more brazen and aggressive, with social media I can’t help but wonder if criminals are getting ideas from other crooks. A lose-lose situation.

  3. I saw part of that robbery going on in the Tassahara shopping center in front of Wells Fargo. I saw the hooded young man reaching through the passenger side window that was broken and then come around and get into the driver’s broken window and then finally get the door open and steal the stuff from the lady inside. It was pretty traumatic. He ran to his car which was parked behind hers and sped as fast as he could out of the parking lot. I was in the other lane and I whipped around and tried to follow him but I hit traffic and a red light. We went back there and waited for the police to show up and it took a long time. It must have taken at least 20 minutes. 20 minutes in Danville no less. What could they have possibly been doing in Danville that they couldn’t get to an armed robbery. I told them I saw what was going on and chased the guy but I couldn’t get the license plate because he had removed it. But they didn’t take down my name or anything. What kind of police department doesn’t take down somebody’s name who is an eyewitness. You want as many witnesses as you can get. I guess he had three and four was too many. The funny thing is he made me stick around for about 10 minutes and then I told him I had to get going. He says it’s okay I don’t need you anyway. Huh?

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