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For The Fallen…


No end of the year wrap-up would be complete without a deep scrub of the photo archives and a selection of those images which have touched us in one way or another as we chronicled our 365 days together in the 24/680.

This small sampling of the dozens of images we’ve collected of splintered power poles and gushing hydrants will have to do as there are simply too many dutifully recorded images of people smashing into or through the fixed objects that supply our water and power to present them all.

With fedora in hand and bowed head we give pause to remember those we lost to rolling sports cars and hurtling SUVs this passing year.


  1. Well, not your “typical” definition of “memoriam” but you remind me of the guy you want to have a couple drinks with when you’ve lost your job, you’re going through your third divorce and your house is foreclosing.

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