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Colorado Man Charged With Misdemeanor Hate Crimes, Faces Additional Problem Back Home


A 40-year-old Denver, Colorado man who created quite a stir during a recent return Holiday visit to the San Ramon Valley has been charged with a hate crime and battery as a result of his interactions with others – and apparently faces some legal problems back in his home state, as well.

Jordan Douglas Krah, who is believed to have had past ties to the area, has been charged with making racist and homophobic remarks to a local couple filming a food review in a San Ramon In N Out on Christmas Eve, as well as spitting on another person in the parking lot of a Danville Lunardi’s store on Christmas Day.

Krah, who was tracked and arrested by disapproving local police following the incidents, has since been released on bail and his current whereabouts are unknown, though police in Denver have said they plan to have him extradited back to the Mile High City to face vehicular assault charges.

Details of the Denver incident were not immediately available. If convicted for the local offenses, which received a great deal of interest after Krah interrupted two returning college students and made a series of threatening, homophobic and racist statements as they recorded a review of their food order, Krah could face a year and six months in jail. On the video, Krah could be seen roaming the restaurant and then heading outside, where his two victims said he stared at them through the glass until employees escorted the couple to their car.

The decision to charge Krah was made after case review by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Hate Crimes Committee, a team of prosecutors tasked with reviewing and analyzing alleged hate crimes and ensuring such crimes are identified and prosecuted.


  1. He’s been a problem since his elementary school days. A real loser, probably a heavy drug user. It’s sad that his family bailed him out instead of making him stew in his own issues. Clearly, he’s never going to change.

  2. If he has outstanding warrants in Denver, how was he ever released on bail? Of course he will run again and obviously seems dangerous to the community

  3. Some snowflake got their feelings hurt. He didn’t actually physically hurt anybody, he was just acting like a Juicebag. Now being a Juicebag apparently is a crime.

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