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Suspected Armed Robbery/Carjacking In Moraga Tuesday

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Details dribbling in about a possible armed robbery on Williams Drive early Tuesday, broken glass on the street attesting to what is believed to have been an armed carjacking at approximately 3:30 a.m.

Early information is that a man, possibly a delivery driver in the area at that hour was approached by two armed suspects who broke his passenger-side window and ordered him out of the vehicle before making off with his Toyota Prius.

The suspects were described as white males, both in ski masks and dressed in dark clothing, at least one armed with a pistol.


    • The way we have it is that two suspects smashed his car window and ordered him out. Don’t believe he was injured. No ambulance called that we know of…

    • Oh, don’t let the peaceful exterior fool you… behind the manicured parks and shopping centers there’s a seething hell-scape of crime and corruption…

      • That is a false and reckless statement. Check yourself. What data do you have to back up your comment? How do the “crime and corruption” stats of Lamorinda compare to Oakland? Right….there is no comparison.

          • For a good amount of us, 24/680’s tongue was clearly planted in it’s proverbial cheek relative commentary on once “idyllic” Moraga.

            However, recent events are illustrative that the Town is not immune to the realities that occur in other nearby communities.

            Periodic calibration of our baseline settings is recommended in my “owners manual”.

            Stay safe and vigilant.

          • Jeff gets us.

            It’s true, we like to have fun when we can and some things just demand a jab now and then. If Moraga had actually slid into the inferno we wouldn’t live here.


    • You bet, that Willie Sutton dude knew whereof he spoke. We do feel we’re getting “cruised” a bit more lately, though we are by no means alone…

  1. And speaking of Moraga crime, was there any tonight? Someone was leaving Moraga on Moraga Way toward Lafayette driving very fast and passing cars into the oncoming traffic.

    • On Moraga Way toward Lafayette? Or do you mean Moraga Road?

      Aware of some dodgy driving techniques generally but no crime to speak of, that we’re aware of, yet.


      • Yes, I guess that’s Moraga Road past Campo. Thanks. Definitely an eye opening experience to see oncoming headlights around a sharp curve.

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