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San Ramon Police Arrest Colorado Man For Christmas Eve Hate Crime Incident


San Ramon police have located and arrested a 40-year-old Denver, Colorado man suspected of an unsettling verbal attack aimed at area diners on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, was arrested Monday for violating California’s Hate Crime Laws, according to information released to Social Media by San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson.

Carlson said Krah has been booked at the County Jail in Martinez. It has not yet been disclosed how police were able to locate Krah, though at least one set of his alleged victims were able to capture a photo of him in his car (shown).

A video of Krah inserting himself into a conversation between two diners as they were filming a review of their food at a local restaurant and making a series of threatening, racist, and homophobic slurs is available online but we will not be linking to it.


    • Another example of each side of the political spectrum seeking change on their terms only.
      One side is seeking progressive to expand the landscape of values, while the other is seeking restorative change putting things back into place as they were.

  1. I don’t know how old the couple in In and Out were but they totally outclassed this excuse of an adult man. It was clear the male half of the couple was fencing with Racist Man as soon as he started his tirade and the look on the young woman’s face when she realized they were playing with an unbalanced individual struck a real, raw nerve. I hope they throw the book at this idiot. He certainly doesn’t belong among decent people and should be ashamed though I doubt he will.

    • Sure ignore him and pretend it didn’t happen. Why should this time be any different than the other times when we ignored the elephant in the room????

      • We’ve all been verbally attacked. An “unsettling verbal attack?” I’m tired of snowflake whiners. The police have bigger fish to fry, and it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  2. I think the real Elephant in the Room. Hate Speech arresting by California Hate Crime Laws, What this guy did was shouting insults and gets arrested. wth

    • Agreed, it seems like a first amendment violation. What if I don’t say anything about a situation. Some people think silence is violence. Can that be interpreted as a hate crime? Slippery slope…

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