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No Beach And Quiet For Us, Crooks On The Prowl

Photo: Caltrans District 1

Eventful night, both locally and on the Lost Coast.

Quake rattles the towns of Ferndale-Rio Dell in keeping with “Big News” incidents occurring whenever News24/680 staffer heads north for a little “Beach and Quiet.”

Turned into another long night and our newsroom was saddened to hear that 11 people were injured and 2 men died as the result of medical complications stemming from the loss of power and other conditions in the area.

Also grateful to those Lost Coast residents who took a moment and used valuable power to update us on their situation via our Social Media pages.

Locally, crews of scalliwags unconcerned by earthquakes continued to cause tremors of their own, attempting to rip off catalytic converters and homes. Thanks for the tips on those and other incidents, folks.

Car stolen in Lafayette, infamous KIA spotted at another “heavy” retail theft in Pleasant Hill. Essentially, crews of crooks are on the move and picking off targets of opportunity.

Now, if we can just get through Christmas…


  1. Here’s some other big news. Yours truly, Firestone 11R will be on patrol, officially, in San Mateo County on XMas eve, better let the bad guys know that old school law enforcement is out and about, bringing my sap out of retirement.

    Firestone 11R

    • Ah, in what capacity Wyatt? Sworn? Volunteer? Posseman?

      Watch yourself out there, don’t get into any trouble.


    • Whoa, that acronym has an alternate meaning for us but if you’re referring to that black sedan we’ve talked about we believe it may have been connected to a retail theft in Pleasant Hill today.

    • There have been so many of these we must confess it didn’t imprint on our memory, Cee. The suspect description resonated with us as it was similar to that of a prolific retail crew working the area.


      • Thanks 24/680. I am seeing a heavy police presence around the Dick’s shopping center. I’m thinking it must have been around here. I appreciate all you do!

        • You betcha. We don’t speak for the police, obviously, but we don’t think it’s a secret they’re amping up their enforcement levels this time of year.

          Merry Christmas!

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