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Tracker Cracks Stolen Tools Case In Walnut Creek Monday


Monday turned out to be a busy night for crime and the people tasked with keeping a lid on it, police tracking a carload of stolen tools in Walnut Creek and a pair of suspected car thieves in Orinda.

Arrests were made in both cases though the custody status of those detained remains unknown. Two people suspected of making off with a load of work tools in Walnut Creek were surprised when police fell in behind their car in the 2800 block of N. Main Street – and may have been even more surprised to know that the pilfered tools had a tracking device on them.

Police stopped the pair, detained and searched them and then searched their car – recovering the tools from the vehicle’s trunk.

At approximately the same time officers in Orinda investigated a disabled car on Vallecito Lane, their suspicions heightened by evidence suggesting that the car had been stolen. A woman found with the car was detained by police and a man was found and detained after a search of the area.

The pair was eventually arrested on suspicion of stealing the car and identity theft.


  1. I wondered if people would start doing this more. It just makes sense, especially if you’ve got expensive items you’re trying to protect.

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