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Bank Trip Ends With Attempted Robbery In Moraga; Second Incident In Two Days


A routine trip to the bank ended in a moment of terror for a Moraga woman who returned home from the local Bank of America branch to find herself hemmed in by two men in a Mercedes, one of whom reached into her car in an attempt to take her purse, jewels and other items.

The incident was reported on Miramonte Drive at 2:23 p.m.

We have had no indication if the victim was injured. We are hoping not. The robbery is the second of its kind since a Lafayette woman was robbed in much the same way on Taylor Boulevard in Lafayette/Pleasant Hill Wednesday afternoon. In that incident, two men smashed the victim’s car window in order to make off with her purse.

Police have not commented on this incident despite requests from this site.

In Thursday’s incident, the victim reported having her car boxed in by a 2015 Mercedes ML3 with two masked black males in their late teens, early 20s attempting to take her purse and other belongings before driving off toward Orinda.


  1. Do we know they weren’t successful? it seems the information is light from the PD. Don’t think we know if they were armed either?

    • Believe Lafayette/Pleasant Hill incident was successful.
      Moraga appears to be going down as an attempted strong-arm robbery. No info on whether weapons were brandished, seen.

      • Well thats awesome if the woman got away from those scumbags. Thanks for keeping us updated man you guys are too good to us.

        • Kind words and thank you for reading us. Don’t know if she got away as much as they were unable to grab her purse, other items, ostensibly as they – or one member of the team – was reaching into her car window.

  2. Once these miscreants are apprehended, it will be interesting to hear DA Becton’s rationale for her inevitable decision not to throw the book at them–perhaps they were hungry . . .

      • And we thought you guys were all Bros in Blue!

        Note to MPD: Remember, JEFF said this… we didn’t say this. That is all…

      • You keep impugning the MPD, when people who actually live here are satisfied with it, and have zero desire to contract out with the CoCoCo Sheriff, like relatively higher crime Orinda and Lafayette. You have nothing to show that the MPD is lacking in training (when was the last year you met POST standards BTW?) or is otherwise substandard. You should continue to hector the WCPD at city council meetings and not worry so much about the quality of a PD in a place where you don’t live.

        • More likely that the city council enjoys having complete control over the chief and department. No tiny department can have the resources necessary to train and keep up with standards, the overhead is just too high.

          Yes, it’s been a number of years since I was POST qualified, but I was trained at Firestone Station, so that is enough training for a lifetime.

          Firestone 11R

        • Moraga has an enviable crime rate and, because of the limited number of ways out of town, people who flee after a robbery are pretty routinely caught on Moraga Road or Moraga Way, typically with the assistance of the Lafayette or Orinda forces.

          What’s v your beef?

  3. These guys are filtering into smaller towns with smaller police departments. It’s going on everywhere. I liked your response to the jugging comment on your facebook. It’s getting wild out there.

  4. Even if they didn’t rip her off financially, she still has the fear of what happened that will probably stay with her for life.

  5. we cannot talk about them like this, they are “good” and “responsible” kids according to their “responsible” mommy.

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