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A Day Of Rescues, Runners – Busy Saturday In The 24/680


Some days, well, some days are just different.

We were thinking that maybe, just maybe, folks would be mellow and standing down a little after The Big Feast but, no, it was not to be.

News24/680 Newsies were kept busy running to and fro, from one scene to another, each seemingly nuttier than the last. Saturday turned into a day of scrappy shoplifters, fires, rescues, and some reports of gunplay with – thankfully – no one getting hit.

LensCrafter – no, wait, that isn’t going to work – LensMan Craig Cannon was out and about running errands for his household when whammo, things lit up as they do when the News Gods declare it so and Craig found himself shooting a rescue in the canal off the Iron Horse Trail in Walnut Creek.

A man apparently fell into the creek bed and firefighters wound up their gear to fetch him out. Lots of other little things going on, we’ll see if they turn into big things.


    • Well, of course we had two killed in Thanksgiving Day shootings, another (store clerk) the following day, and then a whole bunch of reports of hog legs leaving the leather, if you know what we mean. As a side note, but we’re certain it’s not news to you, it appears some people are reporting the presence of a gun during encounters in what we would guess is an attempt to get a more spirited response from police. And we hope we don’t have to tell anyone how inherently dangerous that kind of thing can be.

    • Nothing past what you’re probably already familiar with. The usual crews rolling through but resorting to pushing, shoving, punching or chemical agents if confronted. There does seem to be an escalation on that front, as well as apparently willingness on the part of store personnel and some bystanders to say “Nope, not happening.” It’s hard to mobilize a superior force on the spur of the moment (we know) but it would be nice to see employees/customers confronting these folks in force instead of just one against a crew… it might limit injuries.

      • Was the person in the canal bleeding? A man jumped our fence, was bleeding, and headed towards the canal. Same person?

        • Unsure EXACTLY if he was the same person, Dana, because there was probably a lot going on in the area at the time, BUT that would be in line with the scenario we’re getting relative to the incident. We thought it was a simple accident with a person down and injured and find, after some asking around, that there were events leading up to his fall…

        • Ah, the neighborhood burglar got caught in the act and then went for a swim. Too bad we don’t have any of those fresh water sharks in the canal.

          Firestone 11R

          • Suburban Legend has it that Moraga has a creek ‘gator we’d be happy to lend out on a Mutual Aid basis…

          • @News24-680 – Do you mean “Allie”, our unofficial class pet that pulled a Houdini over a long weekend years ago? I reckon she’d be full grown by now. Watch out for your kids and pets on trail along St. Mary’a, everyone!

          • That’s her… and we always keep an eye on the underbrush when exploring the Wilds of Moraga.

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