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That Was Fun – Now, Back To Work!

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Ripping good Thanksgiving on our end and thanks to everyone who took a moment from their day to check in with us. Reminds us that our now-extended family is out there, listening.

Spared the Big Bird and was treated to an Ombré Gratin that did the job and more. Guests provided other interesting sides and desserts and we limited our contribution to courses with corks in them, as requested. The host and hostess and assembled guests seemed appreciative so everything was cool.

Good and wide-ranging dinnertime conversation with a small squad of bright people of varying education, life experience, and backgrounds and it was fun to sit back and listen to others carry the conversational football under a musical overlay of ska (Specials), punk, and even some Waylon (really good after a couple of glasses of cabernet and now on the playlist).

Made it back to The News Bunker and plugged in to see what we’d missed, appreciating the down-time and sad to see that the Day of Thanks had not passed so well for some, checking out submitted videos of police pursuits and cars and neighbors hitting their walls. Sorry. We don’t know what to say any more, our words sound so hollow.

Anyway, back on the job with all screens and sensors up and on, Five by five and “in the pipe” as our veteran Comms Guys say from time to time. Check in when you can…

Minor Housekeeping: We enjoyed our presence on Twitter and were on our way to accumulating a small but active following of folks who responded to our intermittent news alerts and semi-witty meanderings. Like most platforms of their type, Twitter appears to be going through some changes and some folks have expressed doubt over credibility issues so we’ll just say we’re open to positions on other forums and are experimenting with same as we speak. We’ll keep you apprised of developments. Until then, stay cool out there.


  1. Read your note (Yes I read your stories to their end) — Interested in your take on Twitter and its future? Also interested in what sites you might go to??

    • Hey, Teresa, thanks for reading! Yes, we were dismayed to see the wind go out of Twitter’s sails – especially as we were on our way to record (for us) followers. We write for our established audience and while we still have that at Twitter, it has been diminished. We’re currently on Mastadon and experimenting with Post, and streamlining our position with Twitter.

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