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Letters: Thanksgiving Survival Tips



I’ve enjoyed our year together. Thanks for the information and occasional laugh. I’m completely addicted to the Flash so thanks for that too. The kids think mom has magical powers. I won’t be giving up that secret until I get everyone through high school.

In the interest of community sharing this Thanksgiving I thought I – as a successful mother of two – would share my tips for surviving family and friends who come in search of alcohol, family gossip, and insight into how my family’s annual progress compares to theirs.

Things to Remember:
Wine is the Devil’s Truth Serum. Avoid it at all costs. Or at least pretend you’re keeping pace with Aunt Bea and Margot, the college roomie you invite after her first year as a divorcee, but decline all offers to join in when Bea and Margot square off for The Annual Fireball Challenge.

Deflect and Defer. No matter how innocent they may seem do not answer any questions about family arrests, politics, or the month Uncle Henry and Aunt June travelled to Dallas to welcome JFK Jr. back to his rightful place as… something… we’re still not sure. It will pass.

No Sports. Keep the game on the TV, sound off, to tranquilize the menfolk and keep them out of the kitchen. Trust me, you don’t want a beery man telling you to “baste the bird” every 10 minutes when you’re whipping up dinner for 15. Resist all invitations from beery men asking you to “throw the ball around” in the backyard. Aunt June’s wrist still hasn’t healed from last year.

And, O Yes, don’t forget to Brine your turkey. Keeps it moist.

That’s it, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


Richelle Cameron/Walnut Creek

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