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“Explosion” On Stone Valley Road Prompts HazMat Investigation, Road Closure In Alamo Friday


An explosion in the bedroom of a home in the 1000 block of Stone Valley Road in Alamo touched off a full-scale investigation Friday – leading to the closure of Stone Valley Road and a HazMat investigation of the premises.

Firefighters from neighboring San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Station 32 responded quickly after neighbors said the explosion rocked their homes at approximately 6:27 p.m. A search of the residence reportedly determined that the blast had blown windows of a bedroom outward.

The area was quickly sealed off by California Highway Patrol officers and a queue of county and local investigators began to arrive, some donning HazMat suits. Neighborhood rumors that containers of chemicals were found inside the residence could not be confirmed, though the home was sealed off for more than three hours Friday night. A PG&E crew was also on scene.

Neighbors contacting this site said the residence has been the source of many neighborhood complaints on a variety of issues for approximately ten years, all with little or no remedy despite the sympathetic ear of responding deputies and other county officials.

There were no immediate reports of anyone being injured in the blast.


  1. 2 HazMat trucks, 3 fire trucks and 3 Sheriff’s cars on the scene for hours definitively did not suggest it was a meth lab. It won’t matter either way as the incompetent and impotent CCC DA won’t bother to prosecute.

  2. O sure….. explosion that rattles the windows of homes 50 yards away, sirens, cops, CHP, guys in moonsuits and the neighborhood is shut off for more than 3 hrs. But who’s curious? Not me, no way…. I’ve been trained to look the other way.

  3. I think that the residence has been transformed into a ISIS STRONGHOLD & the Taliban were in there manufacturing WMD’s! Luckily UnderDog was making his rounds while Natasha and Boris infiltrated the residence and activated a delayed Taliban extermination device! Chalk one up for the good guys!

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