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Sawzall Crew Bagged In San Ramon

"Well, hello there..." Photo: SRPD

At 3:15 a.m., prime Witching Hour around these parts lately, San Ramon police officers stopped a van for expired registration during a further examination (lo and behold) located a car jack, sawzall and amputated catalytic converter.

We’ve been writing about these guys lately and the local PDs have been scooping them up when they can – but cat converter thieves can be slippery (and oily).

The upshot on this morning’s stop: three people arrested for various charges including possession of burglary tools, unlawful possession of tear gas (hmm), giving a false name and driving on a suspended license.

So chalk one up for the good guys. No word on where the converter was harvested.


  1. Any video of the handcuffs going on? That would make me feel so much better today. This theft is happening too much now.

  2. Hopefully there is a task force working on this problem somewhere. One of the most common crimes out there right now.

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