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Concord’s Imperial Palace Burns – Again


A shuttered Concord restaurant burst into flames – again – early Friday morning.

The blaze erupted around 4 a.m. at the building in the area of Willow Pass Road and Fry Way, triggering a heavy response from firefighters. Roving lensman Craig Cannon said the old Imperial Restaurant started burning about 4a.m. and was still burning at 6.

Firefighters said homeless people have been spotted at the site and that a cooking fire may have touched off the blaze.

The building has been the scene of several fires in recent months.


    • At this point one would think the City of Concord would demand the owner raze the building, at the owners expense. Enough with the cost of fire fighting there, and enough with the risk to first responders.

      • Completely agree Michele. At this point so much damage has been done I would bet an angry six year old could push it over with one finger.

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