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“They’ll Never Spot Us… This Is Lo-Vis Canary Yellow.”

Photo: San Pablo PD

We’ve been getting reports of a “Banana Yellow Dodge Challenger” with “phased” racing stripes spotted leaving the scene of recent thefts/holdups.

Thanks to some good work by the San Pablo police department the car was stopped, two occupants arrested and we were able to learn what “phased” racing stripes look like after an armed robbery call on Market Avenue Monday.

An elderly victim informed police that she heard someone run up behind her, forcibly remove her gold necklace from around her neck and then push her. Witnesses said the man then approached a second victim, a juvenile, and pulled her purse from her arm while holding a gun in his waistband.

Police said the suspect then ran down the street where witnesses saw him get into a yellow sports car. Minutes later, officers in the area found the yellow sports car occupied by two men. The passenger allegedly matched the description of the suspect seen by witnesses, according to police, and a further search of the car located the victim’s purse on the floorboard.

Officers then reported finding a black pistol wedged between the passenger seat and door. The passenger was positively identified as the main suspect. Both occupants were arrested and transported to jail.

The pistol was later determined to be an Airsoft gun.

The two subjects taken into custody were identified only as:

17 year old Hispanic Male juvenile, Richmond resident
27 year old Hispanic Male adult, San Pablo resident


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