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Castro Valley Catalytic Converter Caper Ends In Pleasant Hill Wednesday

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Four men suspected of firing on a Castro Valley homeowner who interrupted them as they were attempting to steal his catalytic converter fled to the 24/680 early Wednesday before managing to give local officers the slip.

The unidentified homeowner was hit twice in the leg, according to information released by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies responded to the 4500 block of Sargent Avenue after the report of shots being fired came in at approximately 3:50 a.m.

Deputies determined the resident had been shot at and hit after confronting four men attempting to make off with his catalytic converter.

A tourniquet was applied to the victim’s leg at the scene, according to the sheriff’s office, and he was transported to the hospital where he was expected to survive his wounds.

The four suspects, meanwhile, fled the scene in a car described as a silver Infiniti. A vehicle matching that description was spotted heading toward Oakland on Interstate 580 at 150th Avenue a short time after the shooting and a deputy trailed the vehicle onto eastbound Highway 24 where a CHP unit joined the pursuit.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver failed to yield, resulting in a pursuit, police said, the pursuit ending at the 24/680 split when officers lost sight of the vehicle.

CHP officers later advised of a solo vehicle accident at the intersection of Treat and Buskirk in Pleasant Hill. Four suspects reportedly ran from the vehicle but were not located. Deputies found a vehicle nearby – full of cut catalytic converters.


    • My SpideySense tells me that there are no women or cats involved in these reported thefts, just creatures of opportunity that you wouldn’t want your sister to share a coffee with.

    • “We don’t cotton to no converter rustlers here, pahdnuh… we whip ’em with this here car antennae and ride ’em outta town!”

  1. Have to think the car would be worth further investigation. Fingerprints come to mind.
    Decent probability they’re in the system.

  2. Something tells me that even if the crooks were caught they be turned loose again right away. I’m sure they have all kinds of warrants on them already and we’re probably even sprung out of jail before all of this due to covid or early release program.
    From what I heard from a police officer today about the state of a certain City in the Bay Area, I’m not very optimistic. Things again have to get really, really bad before your average person wakes up. For now the criminal has the upper hand.

    • When someone gets shot its highly unlikely the crooks get turned loose “right away”. For some reason the cops couldn’t even catch one of them with three different opportunities.

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