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Another Day, Another Commute, Another Car Fire…

Photo: "Sharron"

Car and truck fires are becoming almost as common a sight as backyard barbecues enjoyed back in the day.

This one erupted around 5 p.m. on westbound Highway 24 at the Pleasant Hill Road offramp. No injuries but telltale smoke led to flames and a total loss for a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road. No injuries, but someone is without transportation – at least this one – for a while.


  1. I’ve been wondering why all these cars are catching on fire these days? Are people continuing to drive after their warning lights or temperature gage signals trouble? Only a severely overheated engine would catch a car on fire. Or are these electric issues. ‘ just wondering.

    • Some, perhaps, though not all.

      We were also interested by developments in Florida, where they found that EVs immersed in seawater during their recent hurricane were subsequently catching fire – as some might expect.

      Believe those cars running on fossil fuels still outpace EVs when it comes to catching fire.

      • I actually thought an electric car would be cool! But doing the Summer’s power outages we’ve decided not to make the move. It’s very important to have mobility and if the power is off and you can’t charge your mobility that limits a lot. Frankly we don’t have faith in the California power system because we’re not building new power plants, which we are against them on principle but we’re going to start suffering if we don’t build them, especially if everybody starts driving electric car. There won’t be enough power to go around. It’s a fact. Even Germany , which has been very green for years, is keeping their nuclear plants open and refiring some of their coal plants because there’s not enough power to go around. While we all want to be green,, common sense and intelligence has to enter the process.

  2. how can have a electric car if you live in apartment therefore in most cases no place to charge except at public places??

    • Well, I guess you haven’t heard about the Popeil Pocket EV Charger. It’s available wherever you buy your clean coal.

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