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Vallejo Guitar Teacher Arrested For Molesting Minor In San Ramon

Photo: San Ramon PD

A Vallejo guitar instructor and registered sex offender was taken into custody by San Ramon police Thursday after allegations of lewd and lascivious acts committed against a child during a lesson in San Ramon.

Rex Lee Bell, 69, was arrested on nine counts of lewd and lascivious acts against a child under the age of 14; nine enhancements for prior sex convictions; and two counts of sexual offender violation.

Bell is currently in custody at the Martinez Detention Facility. His bail has been set at $9,950,000.

Investigators said they executed a search warrant at Bell’s home in Vallejo and recovered “additional evidence.”

Bell advertises online as the owner and lead instructor of guitarconfidence.com, offering private lessons to students in more than 30 cities throughout the Bay Area. Investigators in San Ramon said they were concerned there may be additional victims connected to this case. They asked anyone with specific information about Bell’s alleged crimes to contact their communications center at (925) 973-2779.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective McKinney at bmckinney@sanramon.ca.gov or Lt. Williams at rwilliams@sanramon.ca.gov.


  1. I know a parent of a kid taking piano lessons that this sort of thing happened to. When she started to suspect something, she put a recording device in the kid’s backpack so she could find out what was going on during the lesson. I’m posting just in case anyone wants ideas, but no I am not interested in a civil rights discussion about secret recordings.

  2. Oh boy…if I’m ever in this situation that suspect is going to have some major medical complications before the police have a chance to investigate.

  3. Sixty-nine years old, already a registered sex offender, yet still at it. When will we quit kidding ourselves that child molesters can be rehabilitated? Why do we continuously prioritize these types of offenders over innocent children, our future?

    • Not with these sickos, there is no rehabilitation. Looking at his mug shot, I’m not sure who would want to hire this guy. Has PEDO stamped on his forehead. Sick…. this guy would be traumatized for life if he was in my house. Parents, please, please, be vigilant, this guy was already registered.

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