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Suspected Moraga DUI Contact Leads To Chase, Assault, Crash, Carjacking In Oakland

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An apparent attempt to locate and stop a man suspected of driving a stolen car while under the influence in Moraga evolved into a police chase that reached a crescendo in Oakland after the suspect in question crashed his car, carjacked another, and stood off police while holed up inside a recreational vehicle.

Things kicked off at about 4:40 p.m. when officers sought contact with a man who appeared to be under the influence while behind the wheel of an Audi A6 sedan in the area of Sandringham Drive in Moraga. Officers saturated the area but were unable to locate the car and driver until it appeared in Lafayette, heading for the freeway.

Officers, apparently aided by an orbiting sheriff’s helicopter, followed the vehicle through the Caldecott and engaged in a testy game of cat-and-mouse when it reached Oakland, the driver allegedly ramming a trailing Moraga police car at one point before crashing, leaping out of his disabled car and commandeering another.

Officers once again picked up the pursuit, following the suspect to the area of 50th and Coliseum and establishing a perimeter when the driver abandoned the second car and dashed into a nearby RV.

The unidentified driver was eventually taken into custody at approximately 7:20 p.m.


  1. Wow an exciting start to the weekend. Whatever became of the term “Bore-aga” to describe that sleepy little town in Lamorinda? Hopefully pursuing LEOs did not sustain injury in the culprit-caused TC described in the article.

    • Jeff, we can’t figure you out – and we guess that’s part of your allure!

      Erudite chap, grounded and rational. We had you down as a lawyer. Then you throw in “culprit-caused TC” and we have to go hmmm. So possibly a criminal law attorney (don’t feel pressured to say, we’re just spitballing).

      Unknown status on the MPD officer but probably most definitely rattled, perhaps we’ll get an update.

      And as for “Boraga,” there are elements in town who would very much prefer a vibrant and robust environment – they probably just weren’t thinking police chases when they came up with that description.

      Be well, and thanks for the post, as ever.

  2. I bleeping live there, and I napped through it. So much for the suggestion that CoCo police departments hit an invisible force field at the tunnel. NOT your typical DUI. It definitely wasn’t Marshawn.

    • Kinda stealthy, initially. Good you got a nap in.

      The locals definitely had an interest in Audi Man. No Martians for the Bingo Card this time around, though there’s still time. And if Marshawn is a sports guy (as we suspect he may be) you’ve left us at the starting gate!


      • Suspicion correct. Marshawn is a former Cal and pro running back. Not much of a talker. Police woke him from a nap in his car recently. The car was missing a couple of tires. He drives like he runs apparently, with abandon.

        Naps are good!

  3. I like ‘Snore-raga’ !
    Regarding the criminal, this happened Friday. I bet you anything he’s already out and about among us again….. Ready to do a repeat.

  4. I ran into this guy at 4:50 pm Friday on St. Mary’s road and S Lucille. I was heading towards Moraga and he was driving towards me on the wrong side of the road. Thankfully he pulled off into the dirt parking lot for the trail. I was so shocked by this driving but remembered it was a man in a grey Audi. Only that I stumbled on this article do I realize it could have been a lot worse. Do we know any more about this person? Is he local ?

  5. My son and I were in Montclair Village in Oakland around 5pm on Friday and were about to cross the street when the Grey Audi came speeding through a very crowded area with many pedestrians and cars. Luckily, we were not in the cross walk because the driver was not stopping for anything. He went in the opposite lane at a high speed and hit more than one car – ultimately hitting the front end of a car on Mountain Blvd. and the Audi almost flew onto Highway 13 before hitting a barrier. I could hear the crash but couldn’t see it. The car he hit was totaled and was occupied by a mother and her toddler. They seemed fine (unconfirmed) – as police from Orinda, Lafayette, and Oakland flooded the scene. Oakland Fire also arrived.

    The driver then ran out of the Audi and struggled with a driver to take his car keys and sped off in the second stolen car. I came on the scene not realizing what was happening until I saw the second stolen car speeding off with a police car and a helicopter on his tail. This situation was pretty tricky – all I can say is it’s fortunate that no one was killed in this ordeal.

    • Hey, thanks for that, Jose – and we’re glad you weren’t caught up in this directly. It was definitely a scene out there, as you said.

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