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Police Chase Ends In Crash In Walnut Creek Friday


Police in Walnut Creek closed in on a driver apparently attempting to evade them before the fleeing car veered off the road and crashed in the area of Overlook and Parkside drives Friday afternoon.

Local photographer Sean McDonough was on hand, as were several other locals, all of whom checked in with witness accounts and photos.


Witnesses and bystanders said they believed the car had been reported stolen, attracting the attention of police, and that a suspect was initially believed to have run from the crash site. A search for that individual turned up nothing.

The unidentified driver was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance, while everyone in the neighborhood pinged us to ask what was going on!



  1. My car was stolen in concord and he took the tag off to bypass the plate readers and a walnut creek officer noticed the car without plates and attempted to stop him. He proceeded to flee and wrapped my car around a tree. He is in jail on probation violation,stealing my car,and a warrant out of solano county for failure to appear on a concealed weapon in a car. I went to retrieve my things and he had moved in…clothing food and lots of weird things like a car computer with cut wires. Other peoples mail. Credit cards and IDs of other people and of course a pipe and paraphernalia.

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