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Toppled Oak Isolates Rancho Road Neighborhood Sunday


More than 40 homes and their residents remain cut off and almost totally isolated after a substantial Oak tree came down Sunday, bringing a tangle of wires down with it.

Rancho Road in El Sobrante remains closed off at this hour (6:15p.m.) – hours after it fell with a crack at 2:28 p.m.

Normally, a scenario of this type would be addressed by a squad of chainsaw-wielding workers, but county officials told residents they can’t deal with a tree the size of this one and PG&E said they won’t move in to repair damaged wires until the offending tree is removed.

With only one way in and out, residents a parking in the 2500 block of Rancho and hiking past the gangly oak to get home.


  1. “County officials told residents they couldn’t deal with a tree the size of this one.”

    Sadly, the county does not have the people or the equipment to deal with this. The county staff will have to call around on Monday to find a professional arborist and tree trimming company to remove the tree.

    That does not say much for the supervisors who pretend to manage the county for the citizens. People are without electricity, and all the county can do is shuffle through the yellow pages.

    • I can’t believe it literally hours before people could get home. I had to park my car outside and walk my way home just to find out the power was shut off 🙁

  2. Why didn’t PG&E trim this tree if it was growing through their wires?
    Way to go PG&E….another HUGE fail!!!!

  3. Another one bites the dust. Gangly tree. Gnarly situation. More leverage for our favorite villain when engaging with Save the Trees of (fill in location) regarding tree “remediation”. Maybe PG&E should have watered, fed, and nurtured this tree…which is now dead and endangering the public I think that’s a pretty difficult argument unless it’s their tree.

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