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CHP Officers Lauded For Highway Rescue

Photo: CoCo CHP

From CHP Dublin:

On August 17, 2022, at 2:47 a.m., California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dublin Area officers responded to a multi-vehicle crash blocking the fast lane of I-580 westbound, just east of N. Livermore Avenue. Officers later determined two separate crashes had occurred. The first crash involved a solo female driver who crashed into a concrete wall. The crash caused the woman’s Toyota Camry to come to rest in the fast lane. The woman exited her vehicle and was standing adjacent to it when Nissan Altima approached, crashed into the Camry and the woman, and forcefully knocked her to the ground. The Camry subsequently became fully engulfed in flames. Upon their arrival, officers observed the unconscious woman with major trauma laying between the two vehicles, dangerously close to the burning vehicle.

CHP Officer Abel Moran and Sergeant Michael Thomas fought through intense smoke and heat to rescue the woman. The officers grabbed the woman’s arms and pulled her approximately twenty feet, safely away from the burning vehicle. Officer Moran provided CPR on the woman until Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department personnel arrived. The woman was transported via ambulance to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley where she was admitted for suspected major injuries. The other driver suffered minor injuries.

“I am very proud of Officer Moran and Sergeant Thomas. Their bravery and willingness to risk their lives is honorable. These officers lived up to their sworn oaths as a public protectors. Had it not been for their quick thinking and actions, the woman could have been injured further, possibly dying; they are true heroes.” – CHP Dublin Area Commander, Captain Christopher Sherry


  1. “These officers lived up to their sworn oaths as a public protectors.”
    NOT to diminish the bravery shown, but it is more than a little bizarre to LITERALLY praise them for fulfilling their sworn oaths. I must conclude that fulfilling one’s oath is considered exceptional behavior today. We certainly see that daily in our “leadership” that oaths taken are not taken seriously.

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