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County Agrees To Settle Female Attorneys’ Bias Case Against DA Becton

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Contra Costa County and its district attorney’s office have settled a gender and age discrimination lawsuit filed by a five deputy district attorneys that was set for trial in October.

Deputy district attorneys Mary Elizabeth Knox, Mary Elizabeth Blumberg, Alison Jayne Chandler, Jill Henderson, and Rachel Piersig said they were demoted, denied promotions, and otherwise hindered in their career advancement after DA Diana Becton took over leadership of the office in 2017.

According to the lawsuit, Becton favored less qualified male and younger attorneys and systemically discriminated against female deputy DAs, an accusation Becton denied.

Her office announced Thursday that the County Board of Supervisors had approved an out-of-court settlement in the case, with the county agreeing to pay the five plaintiffs a total sum of $2.2 million dollars, which includes costs and attorneys’ fees.

The settlement resolves all claims and includes a dismissal of the lawsuit. The County felt this
was the best approach to allow the District Attorney’s Office to move forward, according to a prepared release.


  1. That’s “go away and leave me alone” money. Certainly not an admittance of guilt, but there must be enough proof to cause even more issues with Soros’s attorney.

    The citizens of CCC lose again.

  2. Well, they got their vengeance, but settled for less than a pound’s worth. Hopefully, she got the staff she needs, and hopefully, hopefully, that office can sail forward now and put past scandals behind it.

    • I doubt it, David.
      Our DA is owned by George Soros, who funded her and her stable mates of George Gascon in LA and Chesa Boudin in SF. All are known to be on the criminal side and have an impunity for the good hard-working public. All their areas have seen dramatic increases in crime due to their procriminal stents. It’s gone beyond supposed ‘social justice’ gotten ridiculous.

  3. Can we please find some citizens willing to do the peoples work that aren’t under indictment, being investigated or likely to be sued? Our political leaders on both sides tend to be performative and controversial but unwilling to do the hard work of actually serving their constituents.

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