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Pursuit, Crash In Orinda Wednesday

Photo: Roxanne Hernandez

A man fleeing police on westbound Highway 24 apparently reversed and struck another car head-on, leaving the occupant with minor injuries, before fleeing up a hillside in Central Orinda Wednesday.

Witnesses said police appeared to have been behind a black Dodge when the driver attempted to evade officers, striking another car in the process at the westbound 24 onramp from Camino Pablo. The driver, a black male wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants, fled from the crippled getaway car and ran up the nearby hillside.

Police closed in quickly, pinning the suspect down visually from the air as he attempted to elude them on foot. Other officers raced to assess the occupant(s) of the civilian vehicle struck during the pursuit.

The suspect was eventually taken into custody without further incident. His car was allegedly stolen.


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