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Who’s For A Song This Morning?


Rough night and early morning in the 24/680 and more info is streaming in but, first, we needed to get the blood pumping.

Every town should have a song with its name in the title so everyone can get together and sing it from time to time…


    • Oh, we gotta song about our best friend Jeff,
      ay-ai, ay-ai, ay-ai

      He’s so tough he needs a personal ref,
      ay-ai, ay-ai, ay-ai

      So c’mon friends, what’s a fella to do?
      When Ole Jeff says he’ll beat us black and blue…

      Everybody sing… eh ya, Kumbiya-eh…

  1. Is there a Brain Damage Florida by any chance? I like to scream along with the vocal solo in that one. Cathartic!

    • Highway fatalities at either end of our area of coverage.
      Shooting in Concord (1 wounded).
      Shooting in Richmond (1 dead).
      MULTIPLE fatalities, apparently the result of OD, mental breaks.

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