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Navy Zoomies Get Attention Over The East Bay Saturday


We were bombarded… no, wait, bad word, bad word… inundated, yes, better… we were inundated with calls about military aircraft zooming around over East Bay landmarks Saturday.

Thanks to Sean McDonough’s magical camera and cat-like reflexes, we have a visual on the tangoes… uh, aircraft and we believe they are F18s preparing for a flyover of USS Hornet or, perhaps, providing some aerial escort for VP Kamila Harris, who is in the bay area.

These zoomies appear to be from Strike Fighter Squadron 2 (VFA-2) also known as the “Bounty Hunters” Their tail code is NE and their callsign is “Bullet,” Sean says.

Just in case you were thinking of taking to the air and playing Mav with them.


  1. Thanks for clarifying , News24/680!
    The neighborhood next door post was lit up with concern. Apparently they were different markings on the plane. Some thought maybe we were being taunted by an enemy Nation?
    (Well our leaders and military are asleep)
    But it was only in celebration of the USS hornet. It did seem like they were circling 10 or so times.

    • Hey, Gregor, yes… we have several readers who were convinced the pilots were using their houses as waypoints!

  2. “inundated” huh? Megadrought forecast one week. Megaflood forecast the next. Chinese missile parts forecast. Not to mention The Big One! Now military planes zooming overhead. I’m gonna have to do an extra lap on the fear spin cycle.

  3. It was to honor Naval Aviation Legend and WWII Ace, Dean “Diz” Laird who recently passed away at the age of 102. Diz called the Bay Area home and the volunteer docent on the Hornet Museum.

  4. They we’re doing a fly over for the USS Hornet on Saturday because it was the ships 100 birthday and a great day to celebrate.

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