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Fatal Crash On N. Main Street In Walnut Creek Early Saturday; DUI Suspected


A 28-year-old Concord woman was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated following a grinding collision in the 2100 block of N. Main Street early Saturday, a crash that killed one woman and seriously injured a male companion.

In a release issued late Saturday, Walnut Creek police said they’d arrested Briana Day of Concord for Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury and Gross Vehicular Manslaughter while Intoxicated. Day was booked at Martinez Detention Facility on $300,000 bail. The  case will be presented to the District Attorney for review this week, according to police.

Day was allegedly behind the wheel of a pickup truck that collided with two pedestrians walking on the east sidewalk of N. Main Street near Pine Street at approximately 1:50 a.m. The truck went on to strike a cement pillar. One of the pedestrians Day was suspected of hitting was transported to the hospital with major injuries while  the other was pronounced dead at the scene.

No information was given on what, if any, injuries Day may have sustained in the crash. She was released after making bail overnight.

Relatives of a local woman have posted gofundme information to this site, identifying her as the person killed in the crash and asking for money to offset funeral costs. That identification could not be officially confirmed.

North Main Street was closed in both directions between Pringle and the N Main St. split for several hours after the crash.


      • Your reading an article about it because some reporters and photographers covered this incident. Aside from telling people to avoid the area there was no official word about this fatal crash until night and people were expecting something more.

      • A cone of silence? Is the suspect a public figure, LEO, politician? What are they covering up? Doesn’t it just seem like the reporters just decided not to report it?
        Are u receiving death threats for reporting this? R u hearing clicking on the phone line when u r having conversation, like maybe, just maybe they are listening.
        Let’s not turn this into some crazy conspiracy. Let’s celebrate the life of my old co-worker Carmen. Let’s keep her in our thoughts.
        Even better, lets all donate to her go fund me page.
        She was a sweet and vibrant young woman, so let’s not pull her name into a trashy way for u to sensationalize this.

        • We’re not sure when reporters and the Fourth Estate actually entered the Zone of the Reviled (sure we are, but we won’t bring that up again because it does tend to re-ignite the death threats you mention) but we’ve learned to live with it. Once again, our people were on the scene of this crash almost from the start and were answering questions from a curious public (in other words, doing our job) from early that morning. We don’t go in for conspiracy theories much and tend to call them out when we see them but if you’re referring to our questioning why public agencies would not issue something more substantive than a “stay away” order for a fatal crash until much, much later in that day, well, we’re going to stand by that. As for your inference that we are somehow “using” a fatal incident in the middle of a sizable town as a way to “sensationalize” it we’ll just say clearly that we resent your accusation.

        • There’s nothing stopping you from celebrating her life, keeping her in your thoughts or even donating to her gofundme. As far as information on a major accident in my town that morning the only source was this site.

        • “She was a sweet and vibrant young woman, so let’s not pull her name into a trashy way for u to sensationalize this.”

          YOU are the only one to bring her name into it. Unbelievable.

  1. I had a Nixle alert at 3:13 am that Main Street was closed for the investigation — wonder how long it took to process the scene?

  2. It was bad. Don’t know about the unruly thing but some people did jump in to try and help. I think it may have been too late for the one person.

  3. As one of those credential carrying news people I’m saddened to see the lack of transparency in this well seated department. Let alone pushing back media. I was also pushed out, slightly. We the people pay taxes to support our police here who are very well compensated. At least they can compensate we the people with truth and open transparency. I was hearing people say it was a chase? I’d like to hear otherwise.

  4. With all due respect to the media, I’ understand why everyone was kept away. You have a death, several injuries, unruly drunks at a bar, etc. Let the first responders do their job. If you were in their position, you’d want everyone out of your hair too. You got pictures and were still able to report.

    Paying taxes has nothing to do with getting in the way. Be respectful, and keep in mind this doesn’t revolve around you.

  5. I was at the scene of the crash. It was awful. “Unruly drunks” is an unfair statement. I observed people that were in shock, and angry, because of seeing a friend/family member die and one seriously injured. Totally understandable…drinking or not.

  6. As one of the many journalists that show up at these things, sensitivity is first. I would never acquire images of a deceased loved one. There absolutely is no reason for it. None at all. I’ve lost two loved ones lately and I know pain. Also, I use the 25’ rule unless there is crime tape. I had no idea a person was deceased, nor did I see one. I looked at the video throughly to ensure there was nothing shown. Yes, I have a job to do but there is a certain respect rule I follow. It’s the citizen journalists with cell phones that are documenting things they shouldn’t. Not all, but a few. The WCPD Officer didn’t know i was being tasteful. He also was concerned at the numerous drunk drivers on the road at that hour. I don’t fault him for that. I respect him for that, I found a moment last night to stop by and pay my respects, said a little prayer. I’m not here to glorify gloom and doom. I’m here to make folks aware of situations, show our bravest doing what they do best. That’s all. Respect is always premier. Always…

  7. I was outside of Retro Junkie waiting for an Uber when this happened. It was absolutely traumatic! Keeping that family in my thoughts.

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