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One Injured In Rollover Crash In Clayton Sunday


One of our Flashers sent word of an overturned vehicle in the creek bed not far from the 4800 block of Leon Drive in Clayton on Sunday.

The crash, reported a little after 1 p.m., startled nearby residents who reported a person trapped in the wreckage of a small truck. Although there was water in the creek bed where the truck came to rest it posed no threat as crews arrived to extricate and transport the injured motorist.

Crews used the jaws of life to peel open the truck and reach the driver, who appeared to be fading in and out of consciousness. Con Fire’s AIR2 helicopter arrived to take the injured man to John Muir Hospital for treatment.


      • This was not an overextended big rig going down a steep decline after skipping its most recent scheduled maintenance. This was a passenger vehicle. I suspect that you don’t know that the brakes actually failed. What kind of “safe driver” doesn’t have working brakes? That doesn’t seem at all likely.

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