Home Courts Local Rolex Stickups Ordered By Klap Street Gang; Blueprint For Robberies Established

Local Rolex Stickups Ordered By Klap Street Gang; Blueprint For Robberies Established

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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, Calif. – The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office filed three felony counts with enhancements against an Antioch man in connection with armed robberies in Walnut Creek and Danville.

Eighteen-year-old Leon Cathay Fountain was arraigned in Martinez on July 7th. Fountain entered a plea of not guilty to one felony count with an enhancement for armed robbery on June 24, 2022, in Walnut Creek. Fountain also pleaded not guilty to two felony counts with three enhancements – which includes one gang enhancement – for armed robbery on July 1st at a Trader Joe’s parking lot in Danville.

In both incidents, Fountain and an unidentified minor used an illegal AR-style assault firearm and other guns to steal Rolex watches. The robbery in Danville was carried out at the direction of the Klap street gang, who also told Fountain where to sell the watch. Authorities say the estimated value of the luxury timepieces is between 30-thousand and 40-thousand-dollars.

In both robberies, the perpetrators followed their victims in vehicles. When the victim reached a location and exited their vehicle, Fountain and one of the minors would surround them at gunpoint and demand they hand over their watches.

In the Danville robbery, a Black Acura was used that witnesses said had a distinctive marking. After detectives with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office got a description of the suspects and their vehicle from witnesses, they were apprehended by police at a residence in Antioch approximately two hours after the robbery at Trader Joe’s. Fountain is currently in the Martinez Detention Facility. The minors are in Juvenile Hall and have been charged with Second-Degree Armed Robbery.


  1. Well, that covers two of the six robberies. The minors are already out of custody and this poor misguided eighteen year old is likely out as well, such misbehavior.

    Firestone 11R

    • Constable -! Further to D’s post, the 2017 Patch article refers to an outfit called the “Broad Daylight Klap Gang,” while the DA’s presser says that the lil rascals arrested this week affiliate with a crew that goes by the “Klap Steet Gang,”

      Did they re-brand, spin off, or is it a different set entirely?

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