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Crockett-Martinez Folks, Businesses Without Power – Again. Wondering Why…


Along with all those other shortfalls and shortages we’re being asked to contend with this summer is one very important one – electricity – and residents living along the water in northernmost Contra Costa are feeling especially put upon.

“Three times in the past week for at least 4 hours each,” one wrote Sunday morning. “It was like this last summer too.”

Residents say they’ve gotten no straight word on what’s behind the outages, adding that the same areas appear affected each time, with local businesses suffering most.

“A lot of them are just closing their doors, hanging out a sign and going home,” said Jennifer Nerbil, who has come downtown for a coffee or other interaction a couple of times now only to be met by a “No Power” sign hastily stenciled on a sheet of paper and taped to the front door.

“It’s bad for us customers,” she said. “But it really has to be hurting the business owners.”

Undoubtedly. But we’re watching now and we’ll see how it goes for folks in future.


  1. How are we supposed to charge the electric cars we’re being pushed to buy?
    Thank goodness our house has a gas stove that we can still cook on. (Those are being mandated to be converted to electricity in the future too!)
    This is making a lot of us feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable..

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