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Rolex, Cash Taken During Latest “Follow Home” Robbery In Walnut Creek Friday


Three men reportedly tailed a couple picking up their daughter from a birthday party on Blade Way this afternoon, rushing the male victim, brandishing weapons and making off with a Rolex watch and cash while the children played in the backyard.

The holdup was reported at approximately 6:30 p.m., with the occupants of a car preliminarily described as similar to a grey Infiniti Q40 approaching the victim and stripping off their belongings.

A shotgun and two pistols were reportedly used by the thieves.

There were no reported injuries, though news of this incident is still just coming in. Readers should be aware that initial descriptions of suspects and circumstances of high-stress incidents can change over time.


  1. How do they know what kind of watch these people are wearing? I don’t know what a Rolex looks like and even if I did I doubt I could spot it from a distance. And, people still carry cash? Why? I can’t even remember the last time I had more than $5 on me.

    • We claim no inside knowledge but we’re of a mind that these crews are casing prospective victims in public places well before the crimes take place. And these guys know what a Rolex looks like.

    • Yes. Lots of people carry cash. My father Carey’s lots of cash. I carry cash. I’ve had my debit card compromised too many times and my account emptied. Cash I have control of. Not everyone is up with the latest trends like you.

  2. Yes, You have to get pretty close up to tell that a watch is a Rolex I seen their special logo. I would never spend that kind of money for just to watch. It’s not worth it. I would not even buy a knockoff cheapo of a Rolex because he would be inviting this kind of trouble too.

    • I’ll probably be buying a wake Rolex and wearing it around downtown WC, I’ve got a qualified backup, former CoCo Sgt.


  3. Would be hilarious if it was a fake Rolex. Apparently the difference is the second hand movement. A real Rolex glides smoothly whereas a fake (Rolex) ticks at each second.

    • That’s true! We had/have a thing for old pocket watches and always appreciated the engineering that goes into a fine timepiece. But we feel Rolex has merely become another trapping of the trendy – and thus desirable.

  4. To the guy questioning what kind of watch they know. This happens all over the state. Thats why there are quite a few videos of these exact robberies, woman being run down by the car in LA for her Rolex, the guy last week throwing his over the fence as he was attacked blah blah, thats just caught on video.


    Not sure if it’s ok to link here but this is a new story on it. There are hundreds of these robberies happening.

    I have a probably 300 dollar that was a gift however I chose to wear my g shock most of the time. I also have 100 dollar rolex copy, heh not sure I want to wear that. That being said following me home is going to be a reallllllllllllll big mistake.

    Someone needs to give these fellas a lift to the Wyoming train station.

  5. It’s only a matter of time until a shooting occurs, it appears that a follow home robbery in Danville was twarted my a neighbors gunfire. Be careful out there, it’s The Wild West. 108RS

  6. The question I have is did they know that person was going out for the day that they would have all those guns already with them?

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