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Thieves Blitz Macy’s Watch Counter In Walnut Creek Saturday

Reader Submission

Three men wielding hammers attacked the jewelry display counter at the Walnut Creek Macy’s store Saturday, making off with vintage Rolex watches and other items.

The incident was reported at 10:50 a.m. when three men described only as black males, entered the store and began bashing their way into the vintage watch cases.

There were no immediate reports of injuries to employees or passersby. Police are reportedly looking for a white Honda 4-door believed used by the crew to make their getaway.


  1. Wow, you won’t believe this, but a friend and I we’re going to sit out the plaza and have coffee at the Starbucks across from Macy’s this morning at that same time.
    But the friend said they were concerned about robberies at Broadway plaza so we went instead to the Veranda shopping center in Concord and sat by the dancing water fountains.
    It was very enjoyable there and I might add that’s where Barnes and Noble and Cost Plus World Market went.

      • @Z Mom – When officials encourage and normalize face coverings (even outdoors), opportunistic predators can inconspicuously conceal their identity, so cameras pose no deterrent.

        In 2019, two or more young folks who walked in Broadway Plaza donning masks would’ve drawn scrutiny and prompted calls to WCPD before the crew entered the store. Now, nobody gives a crew of masked bandits a second thought until the destruction or violence begins.

  2. Ever notice how the majority of the TV stations, especially KTVU, conveniently leave out the description of race when reporting these incidents?

  3. But the good City Coucil of Walnut Creek just passed an enforceable ordinance to force gun owners to lock up their guns at home, they’re protecting us………………………….or so they think. 108RS

    • WhoTF is “US”, Kimo Sabe? Certainly not the children who find guns in the home and PLAYFULLY shoot themselves or their playmates.

  4. I thought city council gave WCPD more money to stop downtown crime. Still can’t make any arrests? What’s the excuse now Campo Cougar? Masks?

    • How many armed, trained law enforcement officers does it take to protect a child under assault from military munitions? 19 armed officers were not enough in Uvalde. The children waited over an hour, bleeding out. Nothing from 19 trained armed men with full authority to act to “serve and protect” on the other side of the classroom door. What did they need? More time? More training? More ballistic shields? More weapons? Your pretense that more weapons, “military patrols”, is an answer is a sham and shameful. We don’t need more evidence of what is unique in America and what doesn’t work! We stand alone in the world with our armed citizenry.

      • My point is that law enforcement seems to be an antiquated obsolete socialist institution. The Uvalde event is a perfect example. Law enforcement milked the city for 40% of the budget and were either too scared or incompetent to stop the teenage gunman, despite supposedly being trained on how to handle the situation. Maybe Military trained in urban warfare (Iraq/Afghanistan) would be better at handling these situations?

        The CCC Sheriff department has cost taxpayers 10s of millions in civil lawsuits for not following protocol and crime rates are soaring.

        Starting to wonder if the whole justice system needs to be re-imagined

        • Uvalde is confusing and officials aren’t helping their cause. People know when the truth is being withheld from them. As for military/combat experienced law enforcement officers many former soldiers get into the profession and many of them have seen combat. I think it was something else in Uvalde, maybe a breakdown in communications or conflicting orders that led to hesitation and the tragedy it led to. I think maybe they were looking for another way in, knowing that the shooter was waiting for them to come in through the door. And just think about that for a second – everyone wanting police to go in, but put yourself in that place, knowing there’s a guy with a rifle waiting for you to come through the door.

        • Socialists in law enforcement. Not something I hear every day lol. I imagined it more as an evolution from returning runaways to slave owners for profit. You know, a business enterprise supported by the State to suppress a minority. Do you want me to explain that to you?
          As to the money outlays, incompetence resulting in deaths, plural, is not the normal cost of business. It is the cost of incompetence, starting at the top where incompetence is defended and even cheered.

  5. The massacred children and the police on the other side of the door are pawns in this surreal political cluster f#%€. Serious people need to prevail. I appreciate your input.

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