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Firefighter “Fist Bump” Atop Their Truck In Walnut Creek Friday

"Fist Bump"

You know we’re suckers for a good news photo and we liked this one from Sean McDonough, who caught a moment atop Engine 3 as a grass fire scorched the hillside near Walnut Creek BART Friday evening.

The fire was a little tough to get to and burned hardest when it reached a nearby tree line in the area of Oakland Boulevard and Ygnacio Valley Road.

The fire was reported at 9:26 p.m. with numerous crews turning out to lend a hand – and a fist. If you know the pair sharing knuckles – let us know!



  1. Great pic. FYI the term “truck” has a specific meaning in the fire service. A truck has an aerial ladder – what many people would call a “hook and ladder.” So these two firefighters are atop an engine, not a truck.

    • We knew we were going to catch hellfire and damnation for that hedder – written in haste and way too early in the morning. You’ll note that we caught it and corrected it for the body copy… which means probably nothing at all to a Fire Dude! But, yes… really good news photo by Sean, thanks!

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