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Election Day Arrives In Contra Costa


If our comment threads have been any indication of public sentiment over the past few years we gathered residents had something to say regarding local politics and how they wanted to be governed, and we expected this state primary to be hotly contested.

Initial reports are that voter turnout has been sedate if not impassioned, and a supportable indication of public sentiment – voter returns – have yet to be tabulated.

But we’re keen to know and we want to see how our neighbors envision their future so we’ll be posting election updates as we get them.



  1. Aaaand, they’re off! Outta the gates. If this were GGF, we’d have 2 euthanized already. Maybe time for a demon sheep reprise? Hit the Dems with a couple Willie Hortons before cocoa hour? However, with 0% reporting, it’s hard to write the ending…

  2. 17.95% turnout. Has it ever been that low, even for a primary? Soft on crime Becton is a disappointment, but with an 80% no show, who knows how people really feel. Ballots were sent to all registered voters with free postage, and 80% couldn’t care less.

  3. I really thought Knox would pull it off, or at least get more votes, but as Keith said, with less than 18% turnout, once again the no-shows decide.

  4. Best line I heard was from my niece who said they made it very easy to vote — they put an R for Remove next to every Republican name.

  5. Interesting that at least two here seem actually happy to only vote Democrat regardless of the consequences. It would, however, be hypocritical for me to condemn it because I am now voting only Republican when possible. I am a registered Democrat and happily voted for Bill Clinton. Bill could never ever be a candidate now for that party with his fiscal and social policies. The Democrats took a hard left turn toward socialism and dysfunctional social policy during the Obama years. One of my favorite economists is John Maynard Keynes, and when critics pointed out that he changed his opinions, he responded that when the facts change, he changes his opinion. The facts are now a Democrat party inspired by and adding to political and social division to distract from their dysfunctional policies leading to high inflation, taxes, caravans of people crossing the border, and higher crime and tension. When the facts change, I change my opinion says Keynes. What do you do?

    • Republicans actively opposed and continue to oppose the peaceful transfer of presidential power while propagating the big lie. The big lie is refuted under oath by their own campaign vote counters, state electoral vote certifiers, and 60 failed court challenges. The stolen election claim is unfounded “bullshit”, per Trump’s AG, Barr who emphatically informed Trump of that on at least 3 separate occasions. Those are new facts in the history of the Republican party. What do you do when the facts change? How can you support the party of sedition? Some of us vote for the rule of law and for our democratic principles.

      • The elephant in the kitchen of your explanation is that you have consistently supported and voted for Democrats way before Trump and anything he might have done a year ago. Your support at the California state level for Gavin Newsom and Becton arguably has nothing to do with Trump. In my opinion, the Democrats are using the Jan 6 circus in the same way Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984 created a feared opponent that we all need to rally to oppose. In Orwell’s book, such tactics got the proles to forget their poverty and horrible governmental policies. Sound familiar? You just lost 9% of your savings due to inflation in the last year, and much more if you had a 401K in stocks.

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