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Police Pursue Suspected Package Thieves Into Canyon Tuesday


Sleepy little Moraga got a little less sleepy again Tuesday after a car occupied by suspected package thieves roared along St. Mary’s Road and on into Canyon before it was abandoned on Pinehurst Road Tuesday.

This is very fresh but we believe local police were tracking an Audi with two people aboard suspected of package thefts in Lamorinda. The car emerged from a street near Rohrer and St. Mary’s Road and police – believed to be MPD units – gave chase with the car attempting to ram a local officer at one point, according to police.

The suspect vehicle, equipped with bogus license plates, sprinted past Saint Mary’s College at high speed, bearing south at Moraga Road and attempting to elude pursuing officers by darting into Canyon – again at high speed.

Officers apparently did lose visual contact with the car for seconds until a helpful cyclist pointed it out – abandoned on Pinehurst just shy of the Alameda County line.

The chase kicked off shortly before 5p.m.

Moraga police, in a release issued Wednesday, said the suspect vehicle had been reported stolen to the Oakland Police Department and had a false license plate attached to it. Officers discovered packages in the car that had been stolen from 6 different residences; 3 in Moraga and 3 in Lafayette. The suspects also abandoned a 3 month old puppy in the vehicle, which is now in the custody of Animal Services.


  1. I hope those package theives are lost in the woods tonight and covered with poison ivy!
    There’s got to be some kind of Justice cuz we’re not getting it from our ‘justice system’.

    • Geez, you guys and the poison oak/ivy vengeance scheming! We take it the citizenry is unhappy with those who steal from us…

  2. Giving chase, helicopters and dogs for package thieves? If it’s under $950 they won’t do anything anyway.

      • Definitely got a little sporty there for a while. But since you wear/wore the uniform we don’t think we have to tell you this could easily have been something else entirely. You don’t really know until it’s all over and all the smoke has settled…

        • It was reported elsewhere that the perps rammed a Moraga police vehicle. That might get LEO a little more exercised than “mere” package theft.

          • “…vehicle only suffered minor damage and the officer was not injured.” – per MPD

      • Disrespect for Moraga law enforcement noted. So, what is it tough guy? Boraga or Wild West? If you are to be believed, AND WHY WOULD WE?, your conflicting assessments can’t both be true.

  3. Too bad they got away but I repeat hopes expressed for deep and penetrating case of poison oak for the two perps. What kind of puppy?

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