Home Photos Saturday Night In The 24/680 – Cocktails And Checkpoints

Saturday Night In The 24/680 – Cocktails And Checkpoints


Locals were apparently ready to get their party on Saturday night, filling area bars and restaurants and anxious to howl at the moon a little.

A large squad of high schoolers pressed into one local lounge and were apparently having a grand time until they were spotted by an adult teacher who quietly brought the festivities to a halt. Others pressed their luck in different ways, being of legal age but choosing to throw punches or test their debating skills with strangers.

California Highway Patrol Officers set up shop on Pacheco Boulevard west of Arthur Road to scoop up the over-served and unwary, apparently netting a few of the former, and officers responded to an early-morning crash involving several cars on Highway 24. Injuries were reported at that crash.

People fighting for their right to party could have been the product of one of several local commencements as groups of the recently graduated crowded area bars looking for a way to celebrate. Hopefully, all everyone is left to deal with this morning is a slightly buzzy head.


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