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Lafayette Burglary – Moraga Pursuit Tuesday


Two apparently separate incidents kept Lamorinda police busy and affected residents on edge Tuesday, with burglars intent on plying their trade and residents intent on stopping them.

The first incident kicked off shortly after 1 p.m. when a suspected car burglar sped away from officers and out Moraga Way, hitting at least one car in the process and causing further havoc when the driver began to drive the wrong way at speeds estimated at 60 mph.

Police pursued a grey Audi along Moraga Way until the driver made it to Highway 24 and disappeared into the Caldecott Tunnel. The occupants of a car struck by the suspect vehicle during the chase were unhurt.

Hours later, a resident on Windsor Court in Lafayette reported a man she didn’t recognize wearing a black hoodie, medical gloves, and a face mask in her side yard. The man bolted, getting away in a Kia SUV again on Highway 24.

A nearby home was eventually determined to have been entered and ransacked with jewelry taken.


  1. On June 7 CC County residents will vote for our District Attorney.
    Mary Knox, a challenger and Deputy DA has vowed to prosecute laws on the books to deter crimes like this. The incumbent DA Becton has chosen a different path and we have suffered. Please vote on June 7.

  2. What do you mean disappeared into the tunnel, do Oakland cops just let them go? It seems they don’t even bother? Can’t lafayette or moraga police pursue through the tunnel? So basically if someone commits a crime here and has access to the freeway they are going to get away or? I’m confused. Whats the protocol here?

    • I spoke to someone with the Moraga Police and they informed me that they will absolutely follow the bad guys through the tunnel but the sheriff’s department won’t. The problem is even if they are caught they will only be given a citation and notice to appear, and even if they do appear the DA won’t prosecute.

  3. Pals in law enforcement have explained that the risk of high speed pursuits in long tunnels significantly elevate the risk of bystander casualties. Pursuing officers only pursue the most dangerous suspects into such confined quarters. Nabbing a B&C collar simply isn’t worth risking bystanders’ life and limb (especially if authorities know who they are and where to find them later).

    Secondarily, a Lamorinda officer careening down I-580 is not available to respond to urgent calls around here. Our constabulary cover vast, often remote areas. Adding 20+ minutes to the response time for the next call could mean it takes upwards of a half hour to respond to an emergency in an outlying part of town.

    Caveat: My information is nearly 20 years stale. I welcome LEOs with more recent information to correct any inaccuracies.

  4. With burglary now a misdemeanor, the local DA’s will not prosecute, so why should LEO’s chase? Auto theft is still a felony, so the lights and sirens go on. And, every LEO knows that the DA’s would rather prosecute them than a criminal, why take a chance. 108RS

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