Home Photos Concord Motorists Get A Little Heated Tuesday

Concord Motorists Get A Little Heated Tuesday


Drivers navigating the area of Market Street and Concord Avenue found themselves getting a little hot under the collar Tuesday after a fire – allegedly set by transients in the area – suddenly flared up.

Con Fire crews arrived at the on-ramp to northbound SR-242 from eastbound Concord Avenue and ordered it closed to put down the blaze while Concord police initiated a search for the alleged perpetrators shortly after the blaze was reported at 4:45 p.m.


  1. There are people going around where they know homeless are at and set fires when they ere busy and then they get blamed because they take off in a car and noone gets a license plate or discript of vehicle cause no one thinks about it and they get away with it so the homeless are the ones getting caught for it

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