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Juvenile Arrested For Murder On Johnson Drive In Concord Saturday


As we first mentioned in a Flash Alert issued at the time, a man was shot at the corner of Meadow Lane and Johnson Drive at approximately 9:53 a.m. Saturday morning, later dying of his wounds at a local hospital.

Concord police, in a social media post Sunday, say they have identified a “juvenile suspect” who was arrested for the crime. The suspect’s age, hometown, or any connection to the victim was not detailed.

Also according to police, the juvenile suspect allegedly “had evidence of the crime in his possession at the time of the arrest.”


  1. @Jeff – Enough with the hyperbole, deputy. Concord had five murders in all of 2021. Five. That’s a rate below 5 per 100k population; a bit less than the national average.

    This weekend’s senseless tragedy is the third murder YTD. Again, roughly in line with the annualized national murder rate.

    That is hardly a “daily occurrence.”

    The recent increase in crime from the generational trough in the mid-2010s is concerning to be sure, but the “wild west” analogy is overdone.

    You hold yourself out as a subject matter expert on law enforcement matters in various online forums. In so doing, you owe the public a duty of candor. Please hold yourself to that threshold standard.

    • Campo,

      That’s nice if you just want to tally up the murders, I also include the robberies, shootings and other violent crimes. Why just in Walnut Creek last week we had a smoke shop robbed, two ex-employees waving guns, etc., we used to go years without such occurrences. Blame it on social justice warriors such as yourself and the leaders you’ve elected.


      • Referee’s Note to Jeff, Campo Cougar:

        Gentle Readers…
        Quick word of interjection here as we sense the fangs coming out a little. We went back and forth on this latest comment, trashing it as “too personal and pointed (not to mention political for the dreaded Three “P’s” Hat Trick).

        But we restored it in the interest of fair discourse.

        We hasten to remind you that this forum is not a cage match and there’s no need to jab the other guy (or person – uncertain of sex here). Plus, the No. 1 complaint of commenters is about redundant, politicized commentary, soooo…

        You have points to make and (we believe) you’re adults so use your words.

        Don’t make us keep you after class.

        The Ref

      • @Jeff – I’m hardly the archetypal “social justice warrior;” closer to an armchair constitutional law scholar. Since you mention Walnut Creek, there was indeed an apparent violent crime spike in that city during 2021 that modestly exceeded the 1996 peak. Fortunately, the YTD violent crime rate is substantially lower (though still elevated vs the 2010s trough).

        More to the point, data belies the notion that “we used to go years without such occurrences.” Violent Crime in Walnut Creek was in fact consistently higher during the mid- to late 1990s and early 2000s than in any two, five or seven year period since the endemic violence began subsiding in 2003.

        1995 – 210
        1996 – 248
        1997 – 226
        1998 – 205
        1999 – 188
        2000 – 193
        2001 – 200
        2002 – 202
        2003 – 161
        2004 – 174
        2005 – 199
        2006 – 174
        2007 – 142
        2008 – 228
        2009 – 207
        2010 – 180
        2011 – 106
        2012 – 128
        2013 – 118
        2014 – 110
        2015 – 133
        2016 – 112
        2017 – 150
        2018 – 154
        2019 – 120
        2020 – 136
        2021 – 275
        2022 YTD — 181*

        *2022 YTD rate as of 3/31/22, annualized

        1995-2019: FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program
        1995-2002 and 2019 (https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s); 2003-2018 (www.macrotrends.net/cities/us/ca/walnut-creek/crime-rate-statistics)
        2020 only: https://openjustice.doj.ca.gov/exploration/crime-statistics/crimes-clearances
        2021 only: https://communitycrimemap.com/
        2022 YTD only: https://www.walnut-creek.org/departments/public-safety/police/crime-statistics

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