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Another Freeway Shooting In Livermore Thursday

Photo: CoCo CHP

Livermore commuters once again found their route home slow going Thursday after a shooting in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 580 near First Street.

The incident, which left one person with non life-threatening wounds according to police, was reported at approximately 1:45 p.m. with the California Highway Patrol shutting down the eastbound lanes for their investigation until well into the commute hour.

It was the second such occurrence on a Livermore freeway in the last month and a half. A Hayward man was arrested Feb. 27 after two separate shootings on westbound I-580 near North Livermore Avenue and an earlier occurrence on westbound Interstate 205 near the I-5 interchange in the San Joaquin Valley.


  1. What’s wrong, don’t like hearing the truth 24/680? Meanwhile, the Sacto shooters were out of prison early thanks to Prop. 57, whose fault is that???? Our fellow Bay Area “woke” voters. 108RS………….always armed.

    • We love truth, Jeff, but we have a problem with a “call to arms” advising everyone to strap up – especially after the bangers you mention turned a Sacramento street into a combat zone. There’s already enough lead flying around for us to dodge…

      • 24/680,

        With the likely coming Supreme Court decision in the NY Pistol Club case, everyone will be allowed to carry, I’m just hoping they get a little training.


        • Jeff –
          It’s pretty clear America/Americans love their guns. We were raised with them, lost family to them, slapped bandages over the wounds they inflict – had them go off uncomfortably close to us.

          It remains to be seen what America/Americans choose to do going forward relative to their availability and use but we’re reminded of the old Archie Bunker episode where he’s asked how he would deal with then-common skyjackings: https://youtu.be/-lDb0Dn8OXE


          • You know it’s possible that Archie may have been correct……………..oh, how many skyjackings since armed air marshals on planes? Me, Chief Ed Davis of LAPD suggested building gallows at airports. 108RS

          • We would suggest that the hardening of cockpit security measures had more to do with the lessening (fairly memorable breaches in 2001 the noticeable exceptions) of in-flight takeovers than the work of air police. And, as wise as Archie was, we just can’t see armed walkdowns in the aisles of a 737 leading to anything other than collateral casualties.

            Plus, it’s counter to the whole “Fly the Friendly Skies” thing…

            Pleasure bantering with you a little but we must return this thread to its intended users.

            24/680, Over and Out!

  2. These crimes are usually committed by thugs who have a gun illegally and not by people who register their guns.

  3. Jeff is actually right! The public is getting very mad and our feelings are being minimalized.
    And any time we talk about tightening things up, we’re labeled as racist, privileged, or Nazis or Trump nuts.
    I like you News 24-680, But please understand the people out there are getting mad. Tightening things up does not mean turning us into the wild west or a police state. Just back to where we were. Maybe with some new innovations to help.
    I just had a gun pulled on me this week for the first time in my life in the Bay Area. Within a few blocks of BART. Are you going to be next?
    Law & order needs to be brought back!
    The major political party supporting all this leniency and turning loose of criminals is going to get there behinds kicked in the next election. Yes, they’re trying to just minimize it and explain it away or as I said above, label us citizens as the bad ones.
    Your average citizen is getting Pi**ed off!
    The criminals have the run of things in US good tax paying law abiding citizens are suffering in all different kinds of ways now.

    • Hey, Greg…

      Believe us, we are reminded daily that people are angry and upset – about any number of things. We’re unsure why you would think we don’t get that, but anyhoo…

      Already had the gun thing happen and politics didn’t enter into the equation, we didn’t stop to ask the gent his political affiliation.

      And, as we said, we’re watching carefully to see where American voters take the country after the coming elections. Rather than play the currently popular “Let’s trigger someone today…” game, we want to see if voters let their ballots do their talking for them, as we understand so many intend to do.

      All best,

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